Tailored agri-environmental studies

Greenalia Techniques is an "untraditional" agri-environment engineering company. Our firm helps you to address specific issues for which there are no standard solutions. To do so, for each client we allocate an experienced consultant, who is an expert in designing innovative processes and solutions.

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Examples of issues for which we can help

  • Fertilisers

    How to optimize my inputs of nitrogen over field to conciliate concern for the environment, protein grain quality and profitability.
  • Technical equipment

    The farming industry and the regulation keep evolving. I identify an emerging need, which could be met by designing innovative techniques. Which company could help me by designing and manufacturing a new equipment / process ?
  • Distribution

    I have developed a new product, a new agri-environmental concept. Is it relevant? For who? How much should I sell it? How to demonstrate its benefits?
  • Leaching of heavy metals

    Which process to revegetate the highly contaminated surroundings of a mine waste tip in order to minimise the leaching of heavy metals into groundwater?
  • Chemistry

    Is this additive suitable to rinse and decontaminate my tank of phyto-sanitary products?
  • Organic contaminants

    I am looking to develop a property project on a former factory site. How can I degrade the organic contaminants without having to remove the surface topsoil?
  • Waste recovery

    I have an abundance of a waste product that could be useful in agriculture but I don't know how to draw full benefit from it. Who could benefit from this product?